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Together, our love will grow old ↘

Dearest - though you’re the nearest to my heart
Please don’t ever - umm ya
Ever say we’ll part

You scold me and you were so bold
Yes together - umm ya
Our love will grow old - umm ya
Our love will grow old

You may be a million miles away
Please believe me - umm ya
When you hear me say
I love you - I love you

Come home - keep me from these sleepless nights
Try my love again - umm ya
I’m gonna treat you right - umm ya
I’m gonna treat you right
Gonna treat you right…


The final chapter of She Came And She Touched Me was released a few days ago. Tonight, I spent a good 2 hours relishing its every word and imagery.

And excuse me if you will but it’s raining on my face. Soon enough, my tears will fill up the Mississippi River. I just can’t. My heart can’t.

Everything was done rightfully so. This was the perfect ending that they all needed. It was both thrilling and painful while reading it all unfold. Yet the moment arrives when the last scroll, last block of prose, and the last thought concludes it all. Everything was beautiful and everything hurts.

I’m proud to admit that this masterpiece of a fanfic has truly blurred with my perception of KOL’s reality. It’s going to be impossible to wean myself off the fictional Followills. Got a class tomorrow but those never ending brilliant one-liners may well enough keep me awake all night long.

Thanks kolluvah <3

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